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Thursday, June 27, 2013

RE: Criminal Defense Investigation in Houston

This Houston Private Investigation agency was hired to assist a law firm with a criminal defense case. The defendant was accused of Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon. The complaining witness accused the defendant of assaulting him with a pipe. The defendant was adamant that he did not initiate the altercation that he was just defending himself from the complaining witness assault.

As soon as Second Nature Research, Inc. was hired to provide Criminal Defense Investigation for the defendant, we set out to investigate the case. We traveled to the scene of the incident and uncovered three witnesses, neither of them were on the Police incident report. These witnesses confirmed the defendant’s testimony, in which the defendant was acting on self defense and he was not the aggressor or the person who initiated the assault. Witness statements were produced in addition to affidavits. This evidence was turned in to the defendant’s legal counsel and the defendant was set free on his next hearing.

A comprehensive private investigation is very important, as in this case it proved that an innocent man was being wrongly accused and charged for something he did not do.

Daniel M. Velez
Houston Private Investigator
Second Nature Research, Inc.

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