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pre-employment background checksPerforming background checks and pre-employment verifications are absolutely necessary in today’s world. Must of the time businesses are sued for damages, because of the employer’s negligence and failure to perform a comprehensive background check before hiring.

We offer different types of Background investigations, ranging from a county to a national comprehensive type. The United States of America is a large country and many people tend to travel around it, either for pleasure, business or to reunite with families on certain times of the year. It is very common for people to move from one city to another a different county or to another state. Because Americans like to travel we recommend a comprehensive nationwide background search. If we only look at local background investigation we may be lacking important information from other places were people have traveled. Not investigating background comprehensively could be detrimental.

Our comprehensive background investigation includes convictions, felonies and some misdemeanors depending on the state. Not all states provide their misdemeanors. Our Background investigations are complaisant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

We offer criminal records at county, state and federal level and national sex offender.

County criminal search consists on an on-site records search in any county in the United States. Depending on the county and state, both felony and misdemeanor records are generally supplied by the court. Some counties have more than one court to search. Unless otherwise specified, we will conduct a comprehensive search in all courts in the appropriate jurisdiction. Records available from the court may vary from county to county.

State criminal search covers the entire State. Some State criminal searches are not as accurate as county criminal records. Not all counties are available in the states report on a consistent basis and not all states report their record. Federal Criminal Search will conduct a repository search for federal criminal and/or civil cases on a nationwide basis. Certain States may not be available.

Sex offender search is a statewide repository search of registered sex offenders. All States have sex offender repositories, but not all allow access. Some States will supply photograph, current address, a physical description, the crime committed and other additional information.

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