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International Asset Search & Location
by a Houston Private Investigator

Our Houston PI (Private Investigator) firm is frequently asked to perform asset locations on behalf of its clients, for a wide-ranging number of reasons. Most cases are as shown below.

Common Reasons For an Asset Search:

locate your valuable assets  Establishing the extent of deceit in non-disclosure matters (typically divorce matters)
 Identifying the owner of luxury items
 Locating properties owned by the subject of investigation and establishing their value
 Tracing missing funds
asset search and retrieval  Financial Crime
 Evaluating the true worth of offshore held assets
 Checking on spending and lifestyle patterns

Asset Search & Location During a Divorce

The most common request for asset location and valuation occur in regards to divorce and personal matters. Often partners will attempt to hide their true worth from their estranged other in an effort to evade payment of what may be due. We provide asset search & location services to anyone from individuals and attorneys to government agencies and financial institutions.

Asset Search in Texas, USA, or International
Searches by Professional Houston Private Investigators

We can locate and identify assets hidden anywhere in the world, including destinations typically hard to retrieve information from like Central or South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa or the Far East.

Our investigations, regardless of the issue involved, are conducted in complete privacy. Our trained staff has years of experience in asset location cases, and the utmost in professionalism is extended to all clients.

For help with your asset location case, call us today! We're here to help.

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