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Murder charges acquitted

Mr. Guzman went to some friends house to celebrate his wife birthday party. The party started around 9pm and lasted till early morning hours of the following day. During the party Mr. Guzman and another guess got into a verbal altercation which escalated and the man was shot in the chest. Mr. Guzman fled the scene and was later arrested and indicted on murder charges.

Our agency was hired by the defense attorney to assist them in gathering facts of the event that occurred that night of the shooting. Since we are a Spanish speaking private investigation agency, we fitted the mold perfectly because the all the witnesses were Spanish speaking.

The attorney had hired another investigator that took the attorneys money but did not provide him with any information. He told the attorney that none of the witnesses wanted to talk about the case, when in fact he had never made contact with them. There are many bad Houston private investigators out there that all they do is take their clients money and provide no services.

So we went out to the addresses that the attorney had on record for the witnesses. We found only 1 witness at the address, the others had moved. We ran skip-traces to the other witnesses and located new addresses for them.

We interviewed as many as we could speak to and funds were available. We learned that all witnesses were friends with the deceased. Some knew Mr. Guzman but since he was from another Latin American country, he was not as well received as the deceased.

Our investigation revealed that none of the witnesses testimony were accurate with each other. Some blamed Mr.Guzman for the argument others blamed the deceased. Since the incident occurred in the early morning hours, everyone had plenty alcohol to drink, so everyone had a different perspective to what they saw or heard. Some of the witnesses testimony were right out lies, based on the other facts of the case, and these were explored with more details.

Once all the witnesses were interviewed it was evident that their testimony were skewed towards the deceased, however, they all protected the deceased and no one indicated that the fight was started by the deceased, who attempted to hit Mr. Guzman with a beer bottle.

Our investigation revealed that all the witnesses were holding evidence and were only providing partial information. This was exploited by the attorney who was representing Mr. Guzman and the witnesses credibility were exposed. The Jury found Mr. Guzman to have shot the deceased in self-defense and the murder charges were acquitted.

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