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Private Investigator in Houston Reunites Father and Son

Not to long ago, We were hired by an older gentleman who was searching for his son. His son, who he has not seen or known of his whereabouts for over ten years. The client found us on the Internet using the key words "Private Investigator Houston". He found several other investigators online and spoke to them but decided to hire our firm.

When we met, he revealed that he had not seen his son in over 10 years. The last time he spoke to his son was during a heated argument.  The argument was a result of his new partner. The father had found a new female partner, 15 years his senior. The son did not understand very well why he had a new partner if the father had not yet completely separated from his wife, and not even filled for divorce.  The son and the father argued, and before long they began cursing and swearing at each other.  The argument was so heated that at one time the father told his son, that he did not care for him and he did not care if the son approved of his partner, he was going to do what he wanted.  He told his son to get out of his life.  His son felt betrayed by his father and stopped talking to him and moved out of the house, city and state where the father was living.

Ten years had passed since they had spoken and neither one of them felt the need to search for the other.  The father became ill and he wanted to contact his son and ask for forgiveness.  The young lady who was now in her 40 decided to help her now husband, search for the missing son.  She contacted several PI firm for help.  When she finally contacted us she decided to hire us, because she felt that we were honest with her.  She explained the her husband medical condition and the possibility of dying soon, according to the doctor. She arranged a meeting between her, her husband and myself. They felt certain that I was the one to assist them in their case. We, Second Nature Research, took the case and began our work.  After hours of search we located two possible addresses for the son, neither address had a telephone number to make a personal contact. A letter was sent out to both addresses with a short explanation of who we where, who had hire us and if they would contact us so we can explain in further detail the reason for our letter.

After approximately 21 days we received a call during the morning hours. The individual stated that he had received a letter several weeks ago and after finding some sense and courage decided to contact us.  After explaining the reason for my letter the son began to sob, I could here his voice breaking and sounded as if he was holding back from crying.  He told me to pass on my information to his father and thanked me and our agency for locating him.

I later contact the father and informed him that I had received a call from his son, and that he wanted the father to give him a call when ever possible.  The father was ecstatic about our findings and being able to contact his son.  He thanked me and hung up.

The evening of the following day I received a call from our client, the father.  His voice was breaking and he was sobbing and crying.  He express his most sincere gratitude towards our investigation agency and said that if it was his decision, I would gain access through the gates of heaven.  That this investigation has brought him so much happiness, comfort and continues gratitude that he did not have enough money to pay us for what we have done, we reunited a family that had not spoken in more than ten (10) years.  He gave me his blessing and promise to keep in contact.

We certainly felt very happy to hear that because of our effort, investigative skills, good listeners and compassion were able to help a family reunite after 10 or more years of separation. Because of stories like this is what keeps us motivated and continue to support and help those who are in need of finding facts and information.

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