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Private investigator helps man get his aggravated assault case dismissed

A Hispanic man was being accused of an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Harris County Criminal court. He was being held in county jail for approximately 6 month before Daniel M. Velez, Private Investigator, was asked by the court appointed attorney to assist on the case.

The investigator read the file and the offense report of the defendant. He later interviewed the defendant, in the county jail, to hear his side of the story and evaluate the procedure of the investigation. After analyzing the case, the PI set out to the field. The investigator arrived at the scene where the presumed aggravated assault had taken place.

After speaking to several residents, a neighbor stated that she had witness what happened. She explained that she was sitting in her balcony while her kids where playing in the front yard, and observed a man arrive in a small pick up truck with a male passenger. The driver honked his horn and 4 children came out of the two story garage apartment that was in the back of the property. The children approached the truck to speak to the driver, however, at that time a female voice screamed saying don't get close and to return back to the apartment, the children obeyed their mother command. The lady began arguing with the male driver who had stepped out of his truck to speak to the female. She brought a camera and began taking photos of the driver, the passenger and the vehicle. She began cursing the driver and attempted to hit the man on several occasions, as he stepped away from her she stumble to the ground.

A man came out of the back with what appeared to be a shovel, the neighbor said. He appeared to be intoxicated because we was stumbling, he lifted the shovel and attempted to strike the driver. The driver protected himself and ducted while the shovel struck his truck. The the man lifted the shovel again and attacked the driver, but this time the driver blocked the shovel and the man kept on swinging the shovel until it stroke him in the forehead causing a big cut. The man fell to the floor bleeding and the driver got in his vehicle and left the premises.

The driver was the defendant and he was the individual being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. We interviewed three other witnesses who stated the same incident. We gathered witness statements, affidavits and photographs of the scene and were all presented to his attorney, who submitted this evidence to the prosecutor. After evaluating the results of the investigation, the man was dismissed from his charges.

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