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About Second Nature Research, Inc.bilingual investigative agency

Second Nature Research, Inc. is a full-service bilingual private investigation agency in Houston, Texas and founded by Daniel Velez.

Mr. Velez was a teacher at Houston ISD for various years, before getting his master degree from the University of Houston(UH). During his years at UH he worked on many research projects, which helped him with his research and investigative skills. After years of working in the health science sector, life showed a different path to Mr. Velez, which he still practices till this date. We have a broad range of investigative experience and provide accurate and professional service at a reasonable cost. Additionally, our investigators are well trained and have many years of experience, some of our agents are retired police detectives, forensic specialists, undercover agents, surveillance specialists, journalists, and former accountants. Because we are bilingual (Spanish and English) our agency receives calls to assist attorneys, businesses and the general public with their investigative needs.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the Hispanic population throughout Texas and the United States, and it is expected to be the majority population within a few decades. The need to service this population is extremely important, we want to provide our investigative resources and efforts to this community so it can be well represented.

Our experience has been beneficial to many clients and we hope we can help you with your investigative needs. We are always willing to tackle a difficult investigation and stand willing to provide you with professional services. Let us help you with your investigation and provide you with the proper evidence you need for your peace of mind and resolution of your problems.

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